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Application Process

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The application process allows us to get to know you as a potential puppy owner, and recommend a particular puppy from the litter based on suitability. Just like people, our puppies each have their own personalities, and by 4-6 weeks of ages we can usually see glimpses of them shining through. We believe matching based on suitability of personality to your household comes first before the appearance of a particular puppy. At the end of the day, every single puppy is very special and beautiful in their own unique way! Also, please bear in mind that many Labradoodle coats will change as they grow older - often fading or changing to a new colour altogether! 

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1. The Waitlist

I post on social media after a litter is born and there is space on the waitlist again. To apply for the waitlist, please download and send us an application. A non-refundable fee of $300 secures a place on the waitlist. As we are not a large scale breeder, we cap our waitlist at 12 families (the average of 2 litters). This is so that once on the waitlist, the wait should be at a max of 6months if all goes smoothly. 


2. The Honeymoon

When we have an ideal pairing figured out, and both dogs have passed their health tests, we wait for the dam to come into heat for a 'honeymoon' to take place. It will be announced on social media when a 'honeymoon' has successfully taken place. Then starts the long 4 week wait for a pregnancy ultrasound!


3. The Pregnancy Ultrasound

4 weeks after the 'honeymoon', we head to the vet for a pregnancy ultrasound. This ultrasound will either confirm that the dam is pregnant, and the 'honeymoon' was successful or whether is was unsuccessful and there are no puppies. The vet is usually able to count how many puppies we could be expecting - but this figure can be different to how many are born and we treat it only as an estimate. 


4. We Share the News

Once we have a confirmation of pregnancy, we announce the exciting news on social media! 

Families on the waitlist are emailed about the news as well as expected size and coat colours.


5. The Puppies are Born

4 weeks after the pregnancy ultrasound, the puppies are born! Of course their arrival will be posted on social media, and families on the top of the wait list will be notified. Waitlist families are to confirm that they want a puppy from the litter.

As the families confirm that they will take a puppy from the litter, they are moved off of the waitlist. The new open spaces on our waitlist are announced on social media for new families to apply for.


6. Puppy Allocations

When the puppies are 4-6 weeks of age, I would know each of their personalities and invite the families to come meet them for allocations. 

Families are invited to come visit in the same order that they were on the waitlist. The top of the waitlist is the first family to come and see which puppy they bond with the most and lock in which puppy will become their future fur baby! The second, would be the second family to come visit and so on. During this time I will also make suggestions based on suitability of puppy personality. 


7. Gotcha Day!

At 8 weeks of age, the puppies are ready to join their new families. A time is organised with each family for collection, and we go through the puppy pack items as well as a demonstration on how to care for your new puppy. This includes showing you how to trim their nails and face to keep their eyes open. 

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