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Hi, my name is Liezl. I am the breeder behind West Side Labradoodles.


A little bit about me... my parents bred Miniature Schnauzers whilst we lived in South Africa, and I absolutely loved it! I always dreamed of being a breeder myself. I am a massive lover of animals of all kinds, but particularly love dogs because of the companionship found in the relationship.

When I was 10 we moved to Australia and put down roots in this beautiful country.


Fast forward to 2020, now with beautiful labradoodles of my own, confirming everything I thought and observed about the breed.  They are the ultimate dogs! Beautifully natured family dogs that look like real life teddy bears. They are easy to train and are zealous for life. 


I am really passionate about breeding ethically and always keeping the dogs' health and quality of life at the forefront. All breeding dogs live in a family and receive endless love and cuddles. Our dogs receive an excellent quality of life as I believe nurture and training only brings out the best in our dogs. By investing in our breeding dogs through diet, time, love and training, I believe our puppies are of very high quality. 


Because I am member of the ALA, I am surrounded by amazing and supportive breeders with the same passions. I hope to honour and better the breed by having selective breeding lines focusing on medium fleece coat Labradoodles with easy going temperaments.

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